My friends Mary and Rob enjoying my sailboat party.

When my friends Rob and Mary became engaged to be married, I held a wedding shower for them at my home on Da Vinci drive.

This happy couple soon made the bold and daring decision to move from the beautiful land of sunshine and flowers in Venice Florida, to the land of snow and ice peaks in Beautiful Alaska. Continue reading

It’s gonna take some clever packing to get all these evening clothes in one suitcase. And besides……I need things to wear in the day time. OK! So I’ll just take two bags, already!

My husband Wayne and I had made friends with two delightful couples at the Dance classes held at a Hollidaysburg Dinner Club. It wasn’t long until we three couples decided to take a ten day excursion on a Holland American cruise ship, stopping at five beautiful islands on our way to Caracas Venezuela on the northern coast of South America.

We came up with this great idea that we should do something together for the “passenger participation in the show” night. It is kinda like an amateur contest.

My husband and I had done this on another cruise in the Caribbean. We didn’t win a prize but it was fun. They gave us material to make costumes and their band supplied the music to accompany our little act. We were given crepe paper that we used to make green grass Hawaian skirts and flower leis.

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Do you remember how many celebrities or VIP’S you have met in your life time so far?

My daughter Susie (Carole Suzanne) had driven to the Chicago O’Hare airport to meet her sister Pamela as she came in from Columbus, Ohio to spend the summer between junior and senior years of High School. While waiting for Pam’s luggage at the baggage claim, Susie noticed a celebrity. She quickly took a note pad and pen from her purse and ran over to him. Holding the pen and pad out to him she said, “MR WILLIAMS, may I have your autograph please?”

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