While some of us just simply dream of doing special things, there are others of us mortals who actually make our dreams come true.

I’m not sure what makes the difference but this young man who married my granddaughter Evin Nicole Drake has made his first step on a dream he told me about a few years ago and I have no doubt he will complete that dream.

Some time back I told his mother Renee Bender who lives in Salem Ohio, that I thought he was a genius to which she said emphatically HE IS A GENIUS.

I type up my stories on my IPad, take pictures with my IPad, store them in my IPad album then add them to my stories and email the completed story to this young man who lives in Bloomsburg Pennsylvania where his wife and my granddaughter a Doctor is doing her residency. He puts it on line for me because I don’t know how to do that.

He is Matt Bender and when I sent him the story about my brother having his airplane, hanger and black top runway beside his home for easy get away he said “I’m going to have that also.” And you know what??? Take a look at these fantastic prize winning pictures and see for yourself.

Matt checking out his plane


Take off


View of town

He now has his license and can take passengers sooooo it’s his lovely wife, my granddaughter Evin.

She is not so sure….

It’s getting to feel betters

But have a see at them now..

A view from on high

I have no doubts that Matt will fulfill his dream so keep your eye on this young man. For him it’s UP UP AND AWAY ✈️


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