“Sarah… where are you? Sarah honey, where are you?” Not a ‘peep’ do I hear from my little nine month old grandbaby! Desperately walking room to room, I’m now pleading, “Sarah sweetheart, please answer Gramma!” Still not a sound!!!!

She was right here just a minute ago. As I hurriedly enter the farthest room, there, in the middle of the room on the floor, sitting very still and very quiet, smiling triumphantly at her gramma, is my precious little grandbaby Sarah! Whew!!!!

I came by plane to the Baltimore-Washington airport from Florida to spend Christmas with my daughter Pamela, her husband Tracy and my little grand daughters Evin and Sarah in their home in Columbia, Maryland. Continue reading


He was a lonely little four year old boy spending the winter of 1929 and 1930 in Pomona California with his forty eight year old mother and fifty three year old father. Then just as surely as the winter ends, spring comes rushing in. It is the first of April and time to make the journey back to Ohio.

That means crossing the Rocky Mountains on narrow rough roads, driving through the sandy desert roads, on through the central plains and home. An older brother Carl takes a bus out to help drive that seven days of travel on what can be a tedious journey in the year 1930, driving a 1927 Chevrolet. Continue reading

It all started in my teens! If a sadness or a depression started creeping up on me, I could drive it away by doing something to make someone else happy! Doing something for myself just simply didn’t work! It had to be SOMETHING I DID FOR SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!!!!

Even on my farm, as my three little girls were growing up, when I was milking a big herd of cows every morning and night (it was always who is gonna help Mom milk), working ground, planting fields, cultivating corn, baling hay and straw, et cetera et cetera, I still would bake an extra pie to give away.

When I handed a warm pie to the crippled man over in town or the lady who still ran the gas station after she lost her husband, the smile it brought from each of them warmed my heart. Continue reading