This picture was taken at the Miller family reunion in Indiana. How we had everyone there looks like a miracle to me. It really is amazing because my brother John Rockhold and my sister Edith Rockhold Patrick were married.

Back row John Mable Carl Geneva Burl Edith Middle row Bee Levi Mary Etta holding baby Howard Edna First row Fannie Florence Ernest Hazel

Many years later pictured below are the ones of us who gathered at my sister and her husband Fannie and Paul Hoffman farm home north of Richwood Ohio.

What a happy group we have here as we gathered at my daughter and her husband Meredythe and Joey Wedding home south of York Center Ohio. This is the start of our reunion each year following. It was held at my daughter’s home a few years when I flew from Florida to Ohio. The first year Meredythe had the reunion every one of the thirteen  children still living came. Meredythe and I drove to mt Victory to bring Carl and Leslie than took them home when it was over. I felt that my brother Carl enjoyed this the most of anyone. Just look at that smile!

Back row Hazel Edna Florence Fannie Jeneva. Sitting Mable Carl Burl Howard

Soon after that my brother Howard Rockhold would find out when I was coming to Ohio and send invitations for everyone to come to Marion Ohio at a restaurant.

Now after some of the grandchildren started coming Peg Eastman took over and our dinners were held at the Richwood civic Center.

We keep moving, now we are meeting at the School house in Logan county Ohio where Peg works.

This picture brings us close to the finally of our Rockhold Family reunions. Just four of the original 13 children.

The thirteen children of Levi and Mary Etta Rockhold are now left with three still living as of today. Fannie Hoffman is 99 years old, I am 94 and Howard Rockhold is 91.

Now it’s these adorable grandchildren’s day this group of little cuties.



It happened very soon after my daughter Pamela Drake moved into her home in the Deer Creek gated community of Sarasota. She had just driven into her driveway. With her iPhone she snapped these Sandhill cranes that were across the street.

When they looked up and saw her, thinking she might have something for them to eat, they began walking across the street, and as she snapped their picture one came very close to her faster than she could adjust her phone so you don’t see his head.

Let’s have a look-see at this happening…………..

Now they are in her yard in front of her just moved into Florida home………….

Finding she had nothing for them to eat they move on toward the neighbors home.

In all coastal inland neighborhood these birds find people who feed them. People have sometimes given them names as they will continue to come back for more,

They are A DELIGHTFUL FLORIDA SURPRISE for many residents !!!!!!


That is how I feel about my purchase in a Publix grocery store soon after moving from Salem Ohio  to Sarasota Florida,

Seemed a big price to pay for a 9X13 inch cake baking pan so let’s take a look see at what I got for $20.

Now note the bumps in the bottom of this cake pan

This baking pan is two layered with air between the layers of metal then sealed around the edges to make it one baking pan. So I decided to see if it baked a cake with better texture and flavor.

I used a Duncan Hines decadent Chocolate cake mix that has an extra little package in the cake box with directions to mix in a small bowl with I/3 cup of water that stirs up a thick paste and direction say to swirl that through the cake batter after putting the batter in the pan.

Sometimes it is better not to follow directions. When I took that pan from the oven every where I had swirled the extra chocolate paste it sank lower by about I/2 inch than the rest of the cake; weird looking!!

So I decided to smart up and add that extra chocolate paste right in the large mixing bowl with the full cake batter. I beat it up with the electric mixer then put it in the cake pan that I lined with olive oil using a tiny scrap of paper towel.

AHA! This turned out to be perfect after iced with Duncan Hines Classic chocolate icing from a can.

The miracle of baking in this $20 cake pan is that the edges bake exactly like the center and the whole cake holds moisture that gives the best flavor to that cake, Each bite you take just simply melts with flavor in your mouth.

And it is truly THE BEST $20 I EVER SPENT !!


Have you ever heard this song? If you have then please sing along with me.

Seven little girls sit’n in the back seat
Everyone in love with Fred
I said “Why don’t one of you come up
And sit with me?
And this is what the seven girls said
“Keep your mind on your driven
Keep your hands on the wheel
Keep your snoopy eyes on the road ahead
We’re have’n fun sit’n in the back seat
Hug’n and a kiss’n with Fred
Yeh Fred!!!!!!

When I told a lady in Hawaii that I was the seventh daughter she told me “Then you should be clairvoyant”. I told her “I AM”, and that is why in my lifetime I have sometimes read minds. You can read a few of my stories about the times I really read someone’s mind. They are in my blog.