My self portrait age 20

My self portrait age 20

I never in my entire life had sense enough to stop working. I am going to relate to you, my good friends, a few samples of this crazy work-a-holic, ME.

In my freshman high school year every Monday morningmy sister Fannie and I set our alarm for 3:30AM to put a boiler of water on the stove to heat, collected everyone’s dirty laundry plus towels et cetera and did the family washing on a ringer MAYTAG washing machine. Most of you reading this probably never heard of such a thing but believe-you-me at that tender age of fourteen I had a good initiation to it.

Then before getting ready to go to school we hung everything on a clothes line strung up outside to dry through the day while we were at school. We also did all the ironing which included many of our brothers’ white shirts. Continue reading

Have you wished for one very special thing for many, many years and finally at long last had that dream fulfilled? Over the years I carried this dream in the back of my head of having a brand spanking new house built to my specifications!!!!!!

When my husband and I moved to Florida from that lovely home half way up Lower Brush mountain on Karda drive just outside of Hollidaysburg Pennsylvania, we purchased a building lot in Sorrento East subdivision and ordered a new Richmond home built.

LifesDream01 Continue reading

I had three daughters and my sister Bobbie had three sons. Since she didn’t have any little girls I decided to give her a pretty little F&B doll.

Over the years we were each very busy and I had forgotten all about that doll until after I was 83 years old and moved from Florida to Salem ohio and she was 89 years old and brought that doll to a Rockhold family reunion and presented it to me for my doll collection. What a lovely thing for her to do.

It had straight long red air that looked quite skimpy and it needed to be restrung. You know! The rubber band inside the doll had gotten weak with age and its head, arms and legs were all floppy. Continue reading