My granddaughter Terri Hires Doss and her husband Gary Doss, shown above, are the proud parents of Samuel and Joshua, and I, Flo Fisher, am their great grandmother.

These two young men are the grandsons of my daughter Carole Suzanne Smith, who sadly we lost from lymphoma cancer 20 years ago, is smiling as she looks down from heaven.

Above Terri and her two precious baby boys.

When the family came to the boy’s Uncle Tracy and Aunt Pamela Drake home in Salem Ohio these two boys enjoyed the pool as depicted in these photos.

Joshua stayed close to the edge of the pool with his great Gramma, me, right there watching closely for his safety.

Samuel being older was having fun floating with a tube and splashing all around in the pool.

As these little boys grow up………

Samuel and his date for the senior Prom

Joshua in his High School Band uniform with his Mom and Dad at the football field.

Joshua, all grown up is now ready to start 20 August his first year at the prestigious Georgia Tech college with his major in biochemistry and plans to be a professor and research scientist.

Samuel, also grown up will be starting his senior year at Georgia Tech continuing with his major in computer science and plans to work at NCR same as his father Gary where he is a senior software analyst.

Needless to say, mother Terri and father Gary, of these handsome young men, are bursting with pride along with their Great Grandmother, me, Florence Fisher.

Not to be left out, Terri Doss, Samuel and Joshua’s mother, does transcriptions at home and……..

King Tinker’ has feline supremacy and is busy writing his Royal Memoirs.