It all started soon after she learned to crawl. As I am preparing food, I look up at my kitchen door and, oh my goodness, there stands my brother’s wife holding my seven month old baby Meredythe. She was supposed to be with my mother and father who lived just across the road from where I lived with my husband and two little girls.

My sister-in-law said, “As I was driving up to park by the house I saw her crawling across the road so I stopped my car, picked her up and brought her home.” “Oh! My! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” How very frightening! Continue reading

My brain just simply SHUT DOWN! It refused to work for me anymore! After eighteen years selling Real Estate in the Venice Florida area, I had no choice but to retire. I was seventy five. I had lost my precious daughter Susie from cancer. After months of grieving, I seemed to remain at a standstill.

That is when my daughter Pamela, a psychiatrist living in Salem Ohio, after much persuasion and a lot of coaxing to start painting again, didn’t give up on me until she got some action.

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Seated in a middle row on a 747 jet, I wondered how in heaven’s name, this “movie theater” was gong to get off the ground. If you have flown in a 747, you know how huge they are. Two aisles coming through from the front to the back of the plane, one on each side of the middle rows and four seats on each side extending to the windows.

From the O’Hare airport we took off smoothly into that Chicago sky on a very cold nine degree morning in January 1971 on a direct flight to Honolulu, Hawaii for a 16 day tour of four islands. There were 15 or 16 in my tour group. Perfect!!! We had all met in the airport terminal after coming in from our home airports.

As we are approaching the Island of Oahu, right there on the coast we see the beautiful pink ROYAL HAWAIIAN HOTEL where we will be staying our first week.

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