I have moved to Sarasota Florida and living with my daughter Pamela and her husband Tracy Drake. For my privacy they have given me two rooms and a bath. Pretty nice for this old soon to be 93 year old. I’ll be celebrating my birthday November 2nd in Florida this year. After living in Venice Florida 28 years before moving to Salem Ohio, I feel like I AM BACK HOME AGAIN.

Beautiful flowers and gorgeous trees line the blvd in Deer Creek gated community to their home located in Palmer Ranch area of Sarasota.

Mrs Palmer, a wealthy widow from Chicago purchased a large area of land that now runs from south Sarasota down to and beyond Osprey, in the 1800s and so the area is named for her. Nice legacy!

Picture of home

My Bedroom


Five times in the hospital in less than a year takes its toll on this soon to be 93 year old. But a couple days before going home my Real Estate agent brought the listing forms to my hospital room for my signature. In one week I had a contract full price all my furniture included. I signed it!

This is the pictures that were advertised by my real estate company.

house01 house02 house03 house04 house05 house06 house07 house08 house09 house10 house11 house12 house13 house14 house15


While I was in the hospital having surgery, my daughter Pamela with Lisa helping her got my condo in Highland Creek Salem Ohio, ready to put on the market to sell. And………..they found the picture of me taken right after my face lift. What a lovely surprise to come home and find it lying on the dresser.

So now I can show you before and after pictures



My plastic Surgeon said “You are the youngest looking 64 year old in Venice”.  My daughter Susie in Lawrenceville Georgia said ” Mom, you were the youngest looking 64 year old in Venice before you had a face lift”.

I had made that picture into a Christmas tree decoration and given it to my daughter Meredythe. Over the years I completely forgot about it until she brought it to me in Salem Ohio while I was in the hospital. When she handed it to me I said “Did you make this?”. She said “No, you did”.

In my confusion of coming home it was only a few days that I misplaced it and it was lost. I thought I had checked everywhere and decided that somehow it had gotten in a waste basket and sent with the garbage. Lost forever!

However it seems someone is always looking out for me.

And here is what it looked like for the Christmas tree.