It’s great being the gramma who lives in florida. Because……..everyone loves to come visit. So it’s lots of company and fun activities.  So come one come all and no one is too young to enjoy the beautiful white sand beach of Siesta Key.

But let me start with little bathing beauties in Salem Ohio at Drake’s home on Quaker lane.

Take a look see at these little cuties

image1Sarah (second left) and friends

image2Another (Sarah left) with friends

image3My daughter Pamela, she doesn’t have four arms that’s Tracy sitting back to back!!

image4See…….. They are both there!!!!!

image5A new baby has been added, never too young to go to the beach gramma Flo, momma Pamela with tine baby Evin Drake.

image6Gramma watches over her little Evin as she plays in the sand

image7And momma takes her in the water

image8Peek-a-boo…I see you…….its little Sarah Drake now having fun.

image9 Evin building a sand hill….this is hard work Mom!!!

image10Finally Gramma Flo visits in Columbia Maryland. Well…….if we don’t have a beach here……I guess this is the best we can do!!!!!

All I can say is……..this does cool me a little Mom!!!!!!!!!


FRF ❤️

Like the challenge of buying a farm when I had no money and making it work, being a successful real estate agent in Venice Florida, now in my eighties and nineties I am enjoying the challenge of painting portraits again after painting only a portrait of my mother when I was seventeen years old with the supervision of my high school art teacher Mrs. Lela Cross.

I have included several paintings in my blogs so far that I have painted since starting back again with this fascinating challenge to bring a persons face to life on a canvas using oil paints.

Now I’d like to show you a few more that I have completed over the last ten years but have not been included in any of my stories so far.

In my grandson Dean Wedding’s home in Dillon Montana here are the painting I have given to him and his wife Pat of their children. Jeffrey  Jeffrey



DeanAnd here is the painting of my grandson Dean wedding

KimberleyThis one is of my great granddaughter and Carole (Susie’s) granddaughter Kimberley Hires.

Now I believe I have a photo in blog of each of the paintings I have done in my lifetime that are completed. I am currently working on three more. When oil painting I sometimes leave a picture to dry for a few days and work on another one in the mean time.

Being a born workaholic, in my retirement it is interesting for me to have these hobbies of writing blogs and painting portraits to brighten my days.

AND……… an after thought, please don’t forget to try some of my recipes. YOU MIGHT LIKE THEM!!!!!!!!!!