After a hurried trip to the Pittsburgh airport, a two and a half hour flight to Tampa, loading everyone and the luggage into a rental car,  well…… It really feels good to pull up beside Gramma’s condo in Bird Bay.

Little Sarah comes dragging a BIG, what looks to Gramma like an army duffle bag, and starts unpacking.  She takes  out a teddy bear, a doll and……I don’t see any clothes. This big suit case is full of her FAVORITE TOYS.  She had told her mother she was all packed ready to go.

I surely do hope my daughter caught that little fact and packed another suit case for Sarah.  AND SHE DID!!!!!
Mothers are nice to have around every now and again!!!!!

One of the first things my daughter Pamela and her husband Tracy want to do on arriving in Florida is feast on the delicious food at their favorite restaurant CHARLIE’S CRAB in St Armands Circle just across the intracoastal bridge by Sarasota.  This restaurant is now named THE CRAB AND FINN.  Maybe you have been there.

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Have you ever attended a wedding at the Hawaiian Wedding Cave on the Island of Kauai? Would you like to? Well… come along with me on a journey.

Sometime after being widowed, I went on tour to Hawaii. It was January 1971. After returning home, I rented my farm land to a local farmer and moved to Park Forest, Illinois where my daughter Susie lived.

I was very fortunate to be hired in an Oral Surgery office where I worked as a Doctor’s assistant for three Oral Surgeons. After all those years of work on my dairy farm, this seemed like too much fun to be work. And they paid me for having a good time every day. How lucky could I get?? Continue reading