When I was selling real estate in Venice, Florida, I told my fellow sales people that when I was very little my dad owned a town.  I can’t remember if I ever told them differently, but I’m going to tell you what he really did own.

I was born the twelfth of thirteen children and was the seventh daughter.  We lived in a big white house on the southeast corner in the little cross roads town of Byhalia, Ohio. Since I was born in 1922, this was the few years following that.  At this time on another corner of town my dad owned a mercantile that sold everything from food to clothing, to boots, shoes, bolts of cloth sold by the yard for making clothing, trimmings, many household items, farm tools, etc., and more.

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Flo's Baby Portrait

My Baby Self Portrait

Normal doesn’t have the same meaning for each of us.  What is normal to one of us may be abnormal to another.  I grew up in a house with older brothers and sisters, while my parents lived in another house seven miles away.  For me that was normal.  My baby brother lived with them until he was about 5 years old.  When according to his words, “They brought me over and dumped me out with all you strangers”.  As an adult someone said to me, “That’s awful!”  I said, “If I had thirteen kids I’d move out of the house too.” Continue reading