They board a United plane out of Tampa Florida Airport to start their direct flight to San Francisco where they load their carefully packed luggage in a rented car and take off for a cottage on the bank looking out at that beautiful Pacific Ocean surf washing up on the rocks. Let’s have a look-see.



My daughter Pamela and her husband Tracy Drake are here for this gala vacation. Pamela said with the sound of the surf she slept like a baby.

Now for an overnight excursion to Napa valley and the famous vineyards and wine making.



birthday07  And here in Napa valley they celebrate Pamela’s 65 birthday.


And now back to that beautiful cottage looking out on the Pacific Ocean and the restful sound of the surf washing up on the bank.

So this was THE END OF A PERFECT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Above. My beautiful daughter Pamela Dawn and her handsome husband Tracy Drake


Well actually…….I did have company. Here are pictures of them.

Rambo and Kiki

Rambo and Kiki


Rambo licks my broken toes, he is a seven year old Yorkshire

And I have wonderful neighbors who were constantly looking after my needs. Pat and Darlene, who live across the street came immediately when I called to tell them the rain had filled our pool close to running over. Since we continued to have cloud bursts they came back one morning and ran off the excess water before I was even out of bed. Aren’t they Sweetheart neighbors?  I’m so fortunate to have them!!

And every morning when I opened our front door right there leaning against the wall was the morning paper that had been thrown just to the end of our driveway. Those lovely girls had brought it over to the door for me. Then in the mid afternoon, I’d find my daily mail had been brought to my door.

My daughter Pamela and her husband Tracy Drake are taking a weeks vacation on the California coast north of Napa Valley.

Kiki and little Rambo would miss Tracy and Pamela so I brought each of their beds into my bedroom where I spend most of each day playing spider solitaire on my iPad while propped up with pillows. However, since we had rain every day accompanied by loud thunder, tiny Rambo spent much time on my bed. It makes him feel safe.

They are paper trained so I don’t have to take them outside which this old lady couldn’t do anyway. And Tracy left packages of padded papers for me to keep replacing.

I give them a treat of dry dog food in the morning and at 4:00 in the afternoon they get a serving of Wellness dog food from a can. They both try to tell me it’s feeding time from about 3:00 all the way up to the actual time. They are kinda smart thinking with Tracy gone I won’t know the difference.

Pamela is a Medical Doctor and sees patients at her down town Sarasota office, Tracy is a retired lawyer (actually he didn’t like lawyer work and after a couple years he started working at the Port Authority and was CEO at the Columbiana Port Authority on the Ohio River at East Liverpool Ohio for many years).

He left enough good food to last me a month although they were gone only a week. He is really a terrific chef,  besides being a great terrific son-in-law.

Pamela and Tracy are back home now and Rambo, Kiki and I are STILL ALIVE AND KICKING!!!!!!!!



What a wonderful idea. While they were still living in Dillon Montana, a little town located between two beautiful mountain ranges, my Daughter Meredythe and her husband Joey Wedding decided that when they made the trip back to Ohio, they would purchase a 30 foot long trailer to park on their grandsons property just outside York Center. Their summer home is 2 hours north of there.

Their plan was to stay four days each week in that trailer and three days at their home on Catawba Island in Lake Erie where Joey keeps his fishing boat parked.

As luck would have it they found a 32 foot Fifth wheel trailer that was ideal for them and they purchased it. It is now parked with a view of the lake on Levi’s land just outside of York Center Ohio and a short drive to visit their daughter and my granddaughter Jodi Wedding who has multiple sclerosis and is in Gables Nursing Home in Marysville Ohio.

Let’s take a look at this four days a week home of Meredythe and Joey’s…

Living room and the bed room each have a pull out to make those rooms larger.

The dining room has a table with chairs not a booth, lovely!

How about that king size bed?
And…. a walk-in shower with glass doors.
What a beautiful way to live in retirement, a home in Dillon Montana, Catawba Island in lake Eire,
and add to that this fantastic fifth wheel home. DREAM AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FRF ❤️

Joey and Meredythe Wedding, Tracy and Pamela Drake, Carole (Susie) and Terrell Smith

My three daughters, each with their husband in Baltimore Maryland where Tracy and Pamela lived.

Meredythe, Susie, Flo, Pamela the last picture taken of the four of us together before we lost Susie with Lymphoma cancer

My brother Burl Rockhold and his convertible

My brother Howard Rockhold with his niece Martha Pearl Patrick

My sister Mable Eastman holding her niece Martha Pearl and her brother Howard

Paul Hoffman Junior (Pete) and my little Susie

My little Susie with Karen Rockhold daughter of Bee and Alice Rockhold

Howard Rockhold standing on his black pony

Little group is cuties at family reunion, Bill and Geneva DeWitt’s home in Summersville Ohio.

I want to finish with my favorite Florida restaurant on moving to Florida the year 1978
10 11 12 13
After moving to Florida I ate at the Flying Bridge four evening a week for many weeks. Sea food is my favorite above all others!!!!!!!!!

FRF ❤️