My! Oh! My!! How we do change over the years. You, me and even my very special grandson Dean Wedding.

I have written several blogs about him and his interesting life from a baby to present day. Well…….almost present day!!!! So let’s go further in this endeavor and see what we can come up with.

Here we see the portrait I painted of him showing what he looked like at about seven or eight months old.

And here we see him in the picture the boat captain took of him when he caught the biggest fish going out in the Gulf of Mexico for an Saturday all day excursion of fishing while spending a week with me in Venice Florida.

Now he and his family are living in Dillon Montana where on a hunting trip he got this prize. A ten pointer deer.

But who is this bearded man in a picture my daughter Meredythe Wedding sent to me?? Oh! No! That can’t be my grandson Dean Wedding!!!!!!  Can it??????



There is never a dull moment while family vacationing on Hilton Head Island. It doesn’t take much coaxing for my son-in-law Tracy Drake to get his daughter (my granddaughter) little Evin to join him on a fishing cruise in the Atlantic Ocean.

And……WOW!!!! Look what little Evin caught.
image2(1)Have a look-see at this prize

Not to be left out Daddy gets a hammer head shark.
Oh! my! Daddy….you done good!!!!!! THAT WHITE SHARK IS A BEAUTY!!!
It’s the end of a perfect day as the sun is slowly sinking into the water and they cruise back to port.
It’s for sure……….little daughter Evin and daddy Tracy gonna sleep good tonight!!!!!

FRF ❤️

image1Bernie, Flo, Janie, Mary

When Century 21 offered the six week improvement course in Sarasota we four above signed up.
And, wow, did we work tirelessly to complete that grueling six weeks and graduated with honors. Only thing to do after that was award ourselves for a job well done.

So what did we do? We all four signed up for a weeks cruise taking out from Tampa bay, going under the new skyway bridge and out into the Gulf of Mexico where we head south to the  beautiful Caribbean islands.

So many activities keep us busy on board. Naturally very delicious meals, dancing every night, betting on horse (wooden) races in the afternoon, etcetera.

Then comes our first island and we go ashore to explore.

image2Flo, Janie, Mary, Bernie

After the course is finished and all the fun of the cruise,  this is what my broker Ron Morrison put in the Venice news paper.

image3It was a fabulous finish for this real estate agent ME. Thank you Ron!!

FRF ❤️

You remember in my very first blog CHOOSE, I related to you that I was the 12th of 13 children. So……I have a nephew just six months younger than me.
Here you see me with my oldest brother John’s son Walter. He is laughing because they took that apple away from me and gave to him. Then they gave me a little round mirror. So now we are ready for our picture. Here goes!!!!
We grew up and he was selling real estate on the east coast of Florida and I was selling real estate on the west coast of Florida in Venice.

So when my daughter Meredythe decided it was time to have a Rockhold brother and sister reunion at her home in Ohio.  I had flown and Walter just happened to be up in Ohio at that time and when he heard about our get together he came and some one took our picture. See us grownup!!!!!
image2When meeting real estate agents in my Venice area Walter delighted in telling them

FRF ❤️