For many years I have enjoyed wearing hats. It gives a definite recognition to a person that nothing else one can wear quite does. So……let’s have a look-see…………..

There are hats!

My parents Levi and Mary Etta Rockhold

For fun, my daughter Pamela Drake, that is a decoration crochet hat with ribbon and flowers that I hung on my bath room wall

Flo (me) on a Caribbean cruise

Mother’s Day card my daughter Meredythe Wedding in Dillon Montana

While visiting in my Bird Bay Venice Florida home Grand baby Evin Drake found her Aunt Susie’s shower cap and socked it on her head. Today that adorable baby is Dr Evin Bender

My granddaughter Sarah Drake visiting her Grandfather Dr Pete Drake in Tucson Arizona

Sarah Drake all grown up


My father’s sister Aunt Laura Rockhold

My father’s sister Aunt Mary Matilda Bowen


HOW YOU LIKE????????

FRF ❤️

The day started beautifully, with my son- in- law Tracy Drake taking me with him to the Vietnamese shop for us each to have an 11:00AM  pedicure. Soooooooooo relaxing!

Around the corner to an Irish Pub for a delightful lunch. I had beer battered fish and chips with slaw and a goblet of White Zinfandel wine. YUM! Tracy had a supreme medium rare hamburger with all the trimmings, chips and a dark London beer.

And bless his kind heart, he waited in the car in front of Walgreen’s store while I got a new supply of greeting cards to send to family and friends along with new pens, candy and other items.

In the days mail, lucky me I received these valentine cards

From my daughter Meredythe Wedding in Dillon Montana

From my friends Tom and Debbie Winters from Bird Bay Venice Florida and Tomahawk Wisconsin

From my Salem Ohio mail carrier Peggie Holmes

And when my daughter Dr Pamela Drake came from her office she brought this valentine for me.

Lindt strawberry cream filled chocolates. Delicious!


FRF ❤️

When I had Emailed them a message to come at noon for lunch. They Emailed back, “Lunch not necessary see you at 1:30”

Then……..what do you think they did? Well I’m about to tell you.

Tom and Debbie Winters came with their hands full of gifts! Soooo…  not necessary! But I didn’t say that. I was so delighted to see my dear friends, it had been almost a year, and I relished in the beautiful gifts and plate of cookies this dear friend who is legally blind had made with her own two hands. Isn’t she amazing?

Our gracious host, my son-in-law Tracy Drake soon brought out champagne and orange juice cocktails in goblets and a scrumptious snack because Tracy said one never serves a drink without some kind of food.

He brought out plates for everyone, a tray with thin apple slices and and small pieces of thin sliced white bread toasted also cheese board with a heated cake of Bree topped with a peach sauce and pecan pralines. Does that sound good?

I served everyone by taking a piece of the toast, topping it with the warm Bree, sauce and pecans then placing a slice of apple on top. You may want to try it. You might like it! YUM!!YUM!!

Some of us ate more that one of those and since I had only had a cup of coffee with a small slice of toast so far in this day I ate three. Please don’t call me a piggy!!

Would you like to see some pictures that Tom took with a camera and Tracy took using my IPad? Well have a look-see at these………… we on the lanai out by the pool.

Flo. Tom and Debbie, see the cookies she made and the gifts

Flo, Tracy and Debbie

Flo and Debbie

The gifts

The snowman on the left is Debbie and the snowman on the right is Tom, so they said. The  teddy bear on the left reads “‘T’was the night before Christmas” story and was given me by my daughter Pamela Drake and the commemorative Shirley Temple doll was given me by my daughter Meredythe Wedding.

What a very delightful time we all had laughing and talking among us as we ate our snacks and drank that tasty champagne and orange juice cocktail Tracy prepared. Isn’t my son-in-law Tracy a gracious host?

Hope you enjoyed!

FRF ❤️