Although I still have furniture to purchase for this room I’ll show you how it looks for our Florida Christmas.

Stepping through double doors from the family room into my studio this is the first wall you see

Turning left you then see :

And here is where I sit to paint portraits:

Close up

Other wall

How do you like my art gallery?

FRF ❤️

This is my daughter Pamela’s and her husband Tracy’s first Christmas in their Sarasota Florida home and each evening Pamela comes home lugging in more packages of decorations. Although I didn’t mention it, I’m here also.

No family are coming for Christmas for their first time ever. My granddaughter Evin and her husband Matt Bender were here for thanksgiving week and granddaughter Sarah is in France teaching English to French students. She and friends from Ohio will be visiting different interesting European cities over the holidays. And my daughter Meredythe and her husband Joey Wedding are getting ready to move to Dillon Montana in January where my grandson Dean and his family live.

But that doesn’t detour Pamela’s enthusiasm for the holidays. She is inviting many people, who have little or no family here, to come here for a big dinner on Christmas Day and will welcome the guests with holiday cheer from the front door around through the home to the pool area.

Let’s have a look around and see what our guest will see.

Entering the front door
As they enter the living/dining room

Have a look-see at the dining area

The family room to mingle

Kitchen dinette

After scrunching on a delicious meal and happy mingling with interesting conversations, everyone gathering around the piano to sing Christmas carols will give a warm and happy closing to a BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS DAY!!

FRF ❤️