They board a United plane out of Tampa Florida Airport to start their direct flight to San Francisco where they load their carefully packed luggage in a rented car and take off for a cottage on the bank looking out at that beautiful Pacific Ocean surf washing up on the rocks. Let’s have a look-see.



My daughter Pamela and her husband Tracy Drake are here for this gala vacation. Pamela said with the sound of the surf she slept like a baby.

Now for an overnight excursion to Napa valley and the famous vineyards and wine making.



birthday07  And here in Napa valley they celebrate Pamela’s 65 birthday.


And now back to that beautiful cottage looking out on the Pacific Ocean and the restful sound of the surf washing up on the bank.

So this was THE END OF A PERFECT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Above. My beautiful daughter Pamela Dawn and her handsome husband Tracy Drake


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