The rain was splashing off her umbrella as she ran this way and that, turning and spinning, doing a little bow every now and again. Barefoot, tripping through the little water puddles, singing as she twirls, this little four year old is in her glory carrying an UMBRELLA and wearing her underpants. WEARING…..ONLY HER UNDERPANTS!

“Gramma, you should see what my crazy sister is doing.” That was her brother Levi’s remark on the phone to his Grandmother Meredythe.

That little girl running around in the rain in her underpants and carrying an umbrella is my great granddaughter Holli. I would love to have a video of that adorable performance by our little four year old.


Get a load of that BIG BIRD (A CANADIAN GOOSE). At the tender age of ten, sporting pink boots, a pink sweatshirt and with a pink Remington 850 twenty gauge shot gun, she proved her ability to hit the target.

Of course as you probably already know, she had to take the Ohio State Hunting safety classes and she went hunting accompanied by her grandfather Joey, they all call “PAPPY”. And to be sure, he has done a super job teaching her further, making sure before she pulls the trigger that all the surrounding area is clear.


Take a look at this TEN POINTER BEAUTY! For this “big buck” she used a “Deere slug” in the same pink Remington. She is sixteen and just got her license to hunt accompanied by “Pappy”.

This little girl is growing up too fast for her old Great Grandmother to keep up with.
WAHLAH! See her here with her PROM DATE!


She in almost seventeen now and is attending college night classes driving her own Toyota, a gift from her Mother, while a junior in high school. Through her very busy days she makes sure to visit her mother Jodi who has Multiple Sclerosis and is bedridden at her parents Meredythe and Joey’s home.


See this photo she took of herself and her mother Jodi with her IPhone on Jodi’s birthday and then sent to my IPad.



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  1. mkwedding
    Posted May 19, 2014 at 1:38 pm | Permalink

    What a cute story about our little free-spirited precious girl! Now, Holli, has become a strong spirited young lady!

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