My granddaughter Terri Hires Doss and her husband Gary Doss, shown above, are the proud parents of Samuel and Joshua, and I, Flo Fisher, am their great grandmother.

These two young men are the grandsons of my daughter Carole Suzanne Smith, who sadly we lost from lymphoma cancer 20 years ago, is smiling as she looks down from heaven.

Above Terri and her two precious baby boys.

When the family came to the boy’s Uncle Tracy and Aunt Pamela Drake home in Salem Ohio these two boys enjoyed the pool as depicted in these photos.

Joshua stayed close to the edge of the pool with his great Gramma, me, right there watching closely for his safety.

Samuel being older was having fun floating with a tube and splashing all around in the pool.

As these little boys grow up………

Samuel and his date for the senior Prom

Joshua in his High School Band uniform with his Mom and Dad at the football field.

Joshua, all grown up is now ready to start 20 August his first year at the prestigious Georgia Tech college with his major in biochemistry and plans to be a professor and research scientist.

Samuel, also grown up will be starting his senior year at Georgia Tech continuing with his major in computer science and plans to work at NCR same as his father Gary where he is a senior software analyst.

Needless to say, mother Terri and father Gary, of these handsome young men, are bursting with pride along with their Great Grandmother, me, Florence Fisher.

Not to be left out, Terri Doss, Samuel and Joshua’s mother, does transcriptions at home and……..

King Tinker’ has feline supremacy and is busy writing his Royal Memoirs.


That is what my daughter Pamela Dawn Drake said after her 66th birthday party held at her beautiful home in gated Deer Creek community Sarasota Florida.

One thing for sure, she is very, very happy that she now lives in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida. Would you like to see how happy she is? Well……com along with me while we have a look at her 66th birthday party.

My granddaughter Sarah Drake has driven down from her home in Tampa area bringing a big pink heart box containing a present for her mother. Our lovely neighbors Darlene LaPage and Patricia Boyer have appeared at our front door bringing a beautifully wrapped gift, a three bean salad and a bottle of chilled champagne. Aren’t they precious?

Every good party starts with a toast to the birthday girl so Tracy prepares drinks for each of us. Since I have no photo of this will you please use your imagination and picture each of us happy party people raising a goblet of champagne with a toast to happy 66th birthday girl, Pamela!

Now let’s have a look-see at our little group……

Pat Boyer and birthday girl Pam.


Sarah, Tracy and Darlene LaPage

The presents stack up

Our tables are set up awaiting our dinner prepared by our top notch Chef, Pamela’s husband and my son-in-law Tracy Drake.

Seated at the table are Pamela her mother Flo (me) Pat and Dar waiting for our chef Tracy and his pretty assistant Sarah to bring our dinner, three bean salad, spring mix salad and from the grill a platter with beef steak, shrimp, and grouper to the table.

As Sarah brings out the birthday cake with sparklers aglow we sing……

Happy birthday to you?

Happy birthday to you?

Happy birthday dear Pamela?

Happy birthday to you?

And many more???????

Pamela cuts her birthday cake and serves to each of us.


A beautiful necklace came from Pamela and Tracy’s daughter Evin and her husband Matt Bender by UPS delivery at our front door. They are in Bloomsburg Pennsylvania where Evin is a Doctor doing her residency.

Now lets see what surprises are in those pretty wrapped packages, shall we?

Above this chic purse from Pat and Darlene

I don’t have a picture of it, the pink heart box from Sarah containers a lovely night gown, and more.

Above Pam just opened the birthday card from me and found three $20 bills, a $5 bill and a $1 bill totaling $66 her age today on her birthday.

And last but most important of all from her husband Tracy this adorable hat and beach robe that you can see has made her very happy as she said ……..



We all await with great anticipation the arrival of the newest addition to our family. It is a Csection birth scheduled for March 23 this year of 2018.

The proud parents my Great grandson Darren Wedding and Diana have two adorable boys already, Jayden 7 years old and Isaiah 3 years old. They live in Dillon Montana.

Since I, the little boys Great, great Gramma live in Sarasota Florida I have to wait for an email and picture from my daughter Meredythe to see a picture of our new baby.

She has just a few days before she and Joey hit the road to Port Clinton Ohio their summer home. Let’s have a look at this tiny baby boy named Ryker.

Momma and baby

Meredythe and Joey Wedding with their great grandson new born tiny baby Ryker

A collage

Now you have met this happy family who are a part of my family. Like many other American families, mine is scattered over the country,

Meredythe’s family in Montana and Ohio, my daughter Carole Suzanne (I lost with cancer) her husband Terrell Smith and her daughter Terri with husband Gary Doss with their sons Samuel and Joshua live in Georgia, her son Tom Hires lives Chicago Illinois.

Tracy and Pamela Drake live in Sarasota Florida where I make my home with them. Their daughter Sarah lives in Tampa Florida area and their daughter Evin Nicole and her husband Matt Bender live in Bloomburg Pennsylvania where Evin as a new Doctor is doing her residency.

Each and everyone of us welcome our newest family addition little baby Ryker Wedding and each and everyone of us LOVE WHERE WE LIVE!!!


“How does Alaskan King Crab sound for Mother’s Day?” That was my son-in-law Tracy Drakes question. “My stomach has started smiling already.” Alaskan King Crab is my favorite entree bar non. YUM!!

My granddaughter Sarah Drake and her friend Ado have come down from Tampa area where they live and work to celebrate her mother Pamela and her grandmother me on our special day.

Sarah, always so helpful, placed a turquoise tablecloth on the lanai table and set it with heavy duty paper plates, little forks for retrieving Crab from the shells and melted butter containers resting in a rack over a tiny lighted candle.

While Tracy is steaming the large crab legs Sarah prepares a spring mix salad with her home made dressing.

In the refrigerator is a Boston creme cake topped with fruit,

Have I forgotten anything? Oh! Yes! Presents!! So we retire to the family room and first we see Pamela’s presents.

From her daughter Evin and husband Matt Bender in Bloomsburg Pennsylvania where Evin is a Doctor doing residency and Matt is the owner and operator of Prenault.

This beautiful bouquet shown here…….

From her daughter Sarah this box of Lindh Chocolates

And picture Sarah painted

Via mail I had already received a beautiful necklace from my daughter Meredythe, it has a delicate silver chain with a tiny Yorkey dog and a tiny silver heart attached which I am wearing in these pictures.

Sarah was so kind to fasten that necklace on for me, my 95 year old fingers could not manage to do that.

See this close up…….

From my daughter Pamela Drake this complete outfit of white hat, pink flowered blouse, pink below the knee shorts and pink shoes.

A box of Lindh chocolates for my sweet tooth from Sarah.

Card from my daughter Meredythe and husband Joey Wedding at Catawba Island Port Clinton Ohio their six months of summer Home.


Card from my daughter Pamela and husband Tracy Drake in gated Deer Creek Sarasota Florida where I am fortunate at this time in my life to live with them.


And from my son-in-law Terrell Smith in Dahlonega Georgia husband of my daughter Carole Suzanne who I lost with cancer. He is so kind to always remember me.