I wanted new cookie sheets. But what a delightful surprise when I found this set of cookie sheets, at Bed Bath and Beyond store, made like the $20 cake pan in my story THE BEST $20 I EVER SPENT, two layers with air between the layers. The price for package of three cookie sheets $19.95. That is what I call a bargain!

And now notice the bumps in the bottom

You purchase Nestlies chocolate chips, chopped walnuts and it takes one half pound of butter per recipe.

The recipe is on the upper left corner on the back of the package

Ready for the oven

As soon as they have cooled to room temperature I pack them in vinyl containers and place them in the freezer.

Whoever wants a cookie, goes to the fridge, opens the freezer door, removes that container of chocolate chip cookies and helps themselves to a treat.

YUM! YUM! They are soooooooooooooo mouth watering delicious!


FRF ❤️

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