It all started with a phone call !!!! as I was just starting to plan my flight from  Sarasota Florida to Ohio for a weeks vacation from my real estate activities my daughter Meredythe said via phone conversation “Mom would you like to have all your brothers and sisters come for a family reunion?” What a delightful idea!!! So,,,,,,,,,,She sent each of them an invitation to bring their spouse any food they would like to bring and come to her home on a Sunday while I was there.

And much to our surprise EVERYONE came. Now mind you………this was not a family where everyone liked everyone else. But it just so happened  Meredythe’s home was neutral and they could each come regardless if they liked everyone. What a clever idea Meredythe. Yeh! rah! rah! for you. Joey helped set up two long tables in their garage and we all ate in there together. It was a sight to behold.

Mary Rockhold, Bill DeWitt, Geneva DeWitt, Lesley Rockhold, Carl Rockhold

Bugs Rockhold, Herald Gardner, Fannie and Paul Hoffman

Burl Rockhold and Herald Gardner

Howard Rockhold, me, Geneva  DeWitt , Meredythe Wedding

Within a few years my Brother Bugs took over and invited everyone to come ro a restaurant in Marion and again it was a neutral place and EVERYONE CAME.

As nieces and nephews started coming Peggy Eastman then took over and it was held each summer at the Richwood retirement Center where her Mother, my sister Mabel Eastman and sister Edna DeWitt lived at that time, each in their own apartments. Again a neutral place.

After a few years faithful Peggy Eastman has our reunion in the gym at the Logan county school house where she works and that continued until it just played out its time and few people came.

Gary and Mary Patrick with Bugs in back ground and Bobbie on the side.

Bobbie’s family Karen, Nancy, Pat and Larry Gardner
Hey…..I took the above photo!

It was all started with that phone call with Meredythe those many years ago. THANK YOU Meredythe for your big hearted consideration to me and all my brothers and sisters. They all really did appreciate and enjoy all these wonderful get-togethers at all these different places starting with you and your home. THANK YOU MEREDYTHE……………….

REMEMBERING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Meredythe
    Posted October 9, 2016 at 2:07 pm | Permalink

    What a great story and pictures of your family! We had some very special reunions and great food. A second best of all ,was our relatives bringing their cherished favorite dishes for all to enjoy. And, a huge thank you to Peggy Eastman for keeping the tradition going for so many years.

  2. Meredythe
    Posted October 9, 2016 at 2:11 pm | Permalink

    PS: My favorite dishes were Mable’s butterscotch pies and your baked beans!!

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