I usually buy the half SUGARDALE HAM. Slice off any of the hide remaining.

I start by mixing brown sugar, ground cloves with mustard to make a thick paste and cover the ham with a nice coating.

Then drain 2 cans of sliced pineapple and using tooth picks, secure them to the ham over the brown sugar coating.

Pour the pineapple juice In the bottom of the roaster, cover, place in the oven and bake three hours at 300 degrees.

I serve either baked sweet potatoes with brown sugar, butter and cinnamon or escalloped potatoes with cheese.

My granddaughter Sarah likes buttered peas with this meal.

My granddaughter Evin likes cherry jello with cream cheese and nut balls salad.

To top off this dinner my daughter Pamela likes banana cream pie

When serving this meal it will be a delight and you will receive many compliments from the guests at your table.

GUARANTEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO BASK IN THE GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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