My Real Estate associate and friend Muriel West, each year for our office Christmas party brought a double batch of these delicious baked beans and there would be only a small serving of them left over that I would beg her to let me take home with me to enjoy later!!!!

image image_1

Each year I baked a whole precooked ham with brown sugar and mustard coating, whole cloves punched in checkerboard style and two cans of sliced pineapple placed with toothpicks to secure. Pour juice from each can in bottom of roadster, cover and bake 3 to 4 hours at 325 degrees. I would slice that all down, pile on a large platter placing pineapple slices around the ham and take the whole ham to the office party.

Our broker Ron Morrison furnished the wine and other beverages along with tableware, napkins, glasses, cups and coffee. Others brought a variation of delicious foods that completed our fabulously mouth watering dinner.

Did you say you would like to have been there with us??????

Oh! I almost forgot! We each took a present, drew numbers from a hat and picked out a package. SURPRISE! SURPRISE!!!!!!

And you know who took home the small portion left of those delicious baked beans. ME!!!!!!!!!!!!


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